JauntBee - Apki safer aur saver traveling ka sathi

Ease of travel is just a matter of one click

JauntBee created for you and every other traveler is masterpiece from Neonex Technology. flaunts its meaning from two words "Jaunt" which means "pleasure/short trip" and "Bee"  and the later symbolizes "diligence and indefatigable effort.". It is our latest innovative approach of using an app for discovery of new places.

The app is mainly tailored for MNCs, Universities, Startups, Business Users. As the name implies the app adds more magnitude and power to your safest experience.


Productivity and Safety goes hand in hand.


2 Distinct Editions

  • Free Distribution for Consumers
  • Paid Version for Enterprise Users - Coming Soon

Best Guide and Travel in Sync

New to any place ? No Guide hired ?

No Worries. Here is your electronic directed guide in the form of app will make your traversing safer and saver.